Batman Begins

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Join me as I join the Doctor and Lynch for a second go at the first of Christopher Nolan’s Batmen. We compare the film to the comic books, other Nolan Batmen, Burton/Schumaker Batmen, and The Shadow. We examine the logic of the villains’ plans and Batman’s response. And we recast Morgan Freeman as a bad guy.

I’m watching the Blu-ray. Start the film right after the Warner Brothers logo has stopped turning, on the countdown.

2 thoughts on “Batman Begins”

  1. you guys should do your commentaries all together, you compliment each other so well, the doc with his dry humour, lynchy with his total lack of homework on each film and of course the tysto, with his great talents and east afibility. love it. do more guys, the world needs this, i do too x

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