Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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Join John Pavlich of Sofa Dogs and me as we delve into the historical drama of the youth, life, and presidency of Abraham Lincoln. We examine the issues of the day and the difficult moral decisions that Lincoln faced, such as the “peculiar institution” of slavery and when to try to kill the vampire who murdered his mother. We compare the film to superhero movies, the mockbuster Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies, and more. John likes the film but my initial enthusiasm has gradually waned, altho I still like the acting and most of the action.

We’re watching the Blu-ray. Start the film on the countdown after the Dune Films logo.

2 thoughts on “Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

  1. Great commentary this film remind me a lot of Underworld on how fun and crazy the film is. speaking of which would you consider doing a commentary on the first underworld movie?

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