Mission: Impossible 2

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Join me and Mike of Commentary Track Stars as we delve into the mysteries that are John Woo, Robert Towne, Notorious, and Tom Cruise’s psyche in this, the second of the Mission: Impossible series. We discuss the structure of the film, its suspicious similarity to the Hitchcock classic, and its differences from the other Mission: Impossible movies.

We compare it to the Bond films, other John Woo films, and other action movies of its time. We speculate on Dougray Scott as Wolverine, what the series would have been like with more Anthony Hopkins, and Tom Cruise’s personal knowledge of how heavy $63 million dollars is.

We are watching the Blu-ray version. Start the film after the Paramount logo but before the Sydney Opera House opening on the countdown.

3 thoughts on “Mission: Impossible 2”

  1. Good Commentary I am surprise you guys didn’t talk the Skit he did with Ben Stiller which was center around this film

  2. Thanks! That skit was something I had planned on mentioning and somehow left out. It was a big deal at the time; and Cruise had a good sense of humor about Stiller parodying him a few times.

  3. Hi Tysto. You mentioned during the commentary that you’ve seen John Woo’s “The Killer;” please add it to your ever growing list of possible movies to do commentaries for in the future. I’d really like to hear your take on it. It’s one of my favorite action movies of all time.

    Oh, and John Woo’s “Hard Boiled” is sooo freakin’ awesome. The story makes absolutely no sense but, it’s so much fun. Some of the best action scenes I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it. Also, Woo’s American movie debut, “Hard Target” starring Jean-Claude Van Damme is fun and very over-the-top. I’d recommend that as well, it’d make for an excellent sight-unseen commentary.

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