The Dark Knight

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Join me as I join the Doctor and Lynch of The Speakeasy as we have a good time with Christopher Nolan’s dour superhero and superior villain. We like the film a lot but feel that the sheen has somewhat worn off and the story is revealed as threadbare now. We give praise where praise is due, and joke our way thru the slow sections and weird choices.

They’re watching a PAL copy, and I have to repeatedly sync with them, so there are several times that we announce where we are. Start the film on the countdown between the production company logos and the blue fire Batman logo.

One thought on “The Dark Knight”

  1. Yes yes yes. They are back. My 3 fav commentators in one commentary.
    First Lynch reappeared and now the Doc. A winning combination all you 3.
    Stereo split worked well.
    Oh back to the film. I know it is a film, but my biggest problem with Batman – he causes soooo much damage.



    P.S. Where Eagles Dare commentary would be great – please!

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