Pulp Fiction

Pulp FictionIMDb
Join me as I join John Pavlich of Sofa Dogs to have a look at Quentin Tarantino’s finest masterpiece. We discuss the narrative structure, the characters, the themes and motifs, and the feet.

We compare the film to Tarantino’s other films, the films and books he pays homage to, and Robert Rodriguez’s films. We try to figure out which sequence is the weakest and why some scenes are even in the movie. I think I spot Teague Chrystie‘s apartment. And we copyright a Beverly Hills horror movie idea.

NOTE: This commentary is explicit. Altho we don’t get silly like Jimmy I did on Predator, John repeats some of the more offensive dialog, including the N-word.

We’re watching the DVD version. Start the film after the Miramax logo on the countdown.

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