Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol

MI4 Ghost ProtocolIMDb
Join me and Mike of Commentary Track Stars as we watch the fourth and possibly best or most entertaining Mission: Impossible movie. We compare it to James Bond and Bourne movies, Indiana Jones, the other MI movies, the trailer, NSync videos, and life itself. We discuss the cinematography a lot and marvel at the stunts and lack of theme or motivational complication. We criticize the timetable and the familiarity of some plot elements and how the comedy ramps up when stakes are raised instead of vice versa, but we nevertheless like it a lot.

ATTENTION: We are now in the market for a programmer to make a facial recognition app to identify assassins for us.

We are watching the Blu-ray version. Start the film after the Bad Robot logo.

One thought on “Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol”

  1. Enjoy your commentaries.

    But I’m having huge issues getting them to download.

    I can’t pull them down directly or via iTunes.

    Any thing I should do differently?

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