Police Academy

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Join me and Jimmy B and my head cold as we enjoy a nostalgic romp thru our childhoods in an unknown city that is definitely not necessarily Los Angeles. We discuss the whole series (not that we’ll ever do commentaries for any of the others) and related properties (altho we forget about the toy set!) as well as the theme of diversity. We marvel at some of the stunts, try to decide which bits to cut, and praise Harris as a cop.

We compare the film to Stripes, Animal House, The Bad News Bears, Airplane, and Benny Hill and the Carry On films. We fret a little over the Blue Oyster Bar, altho forget that Steve Gutenberg didn’t need cred with the gay community after having starred in Can’t Stop the Music with the Village People.

We’re watching the Blu-ray. Start after the Ladd Company logo has faded, on the countdown.

2 thoughts on “Police Academy”

  1. Great commentaries. How about Battle Beyond the Stars? Cool Hand Luke? Smokey and The Bandit? Innerspace? The Dirty Dozen?

  2. Just a note about Jimmy B’s ‘Tannoy/PA remark. In the UK we quite offen say Tannoy instead of PA, Tannoy is a manufacturer of these types of systems (probably the first and market leader back in the day in the UK).

    Same with saying ‘Hoover’ for a vacuum cleaner. Hoover being a manufacturer.

    Great commentary. Watched this loads, although only got the ‘lady hidden behind the curtain while speaking’ joke when I was older 😉

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