Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the LambsIMDb
Join me as I join John Pavlich of Sofa Dogs to get inside your head and figure out your weaknesses and use them against you. We analyze the unusual structure of the movie, play with different ways of looking at it, and try to figure out who the real villain is. (Chilton. It’s Chilton.)

We compare the film to other Hannibal Lector movies, Hitchcock and De Palma films, The X-Files, other horror movies and psychological thrillers, and YouTube videos. I complain about some fundamental aspects of the film despite loving it and do an impression of Lector and screaming lambs. John indulges me patiently and explains the parts I don’t understand.

NOTE: We’re explicit again for some repeated dialog.

We’re watching the Blu-ray version. Start the film after the Orion logo on the countdown.

One thought on “Silence of the Lambs”

  1. Thanks for doing this. A flim that scared the hell out of me. Jodie Foster is so sublime in her acting. Awesome.

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