White House Down

Just in time for the US Independence Day celebration, join Faldor (Martin from The Extended Edition) and me for a tour of the president’s mansion in Washington, DC, with your tour guide, Roland Emmerich! We praise–and occasionally knock–the CGI. We compare it to Olympus Has Fallen, obviously, Die Hard, other Roland Emmerich films, and Step Up to the Streets (not really).

I talk a bit about the geography of the White House and the nature of the Secret Service. We discuss 10 Downing Street, Jamie Foxx, my other website WhiteHouseMuseum.org, how sprinkler systems work, and why the PEOC only has black-and-white TVs.

We’re watching the Blu-ray, so we stay in sync. Start the film on the countdown with the Columbia title card after the Columbia logo.

2 thoughts on “White House Down”

  1. Since my last comment I have still not been able to fully download any of your commentaries. It roughly stops at 35-50% with all PCs in my home & friend’s house. Maybe you could have an alternate link or something. The ones I was able to DL long ago were refreshingly incisive and focused, and I would hate for people to miss out on your brand of commentary.

  2. This is terribly frustrating. I get the same result with this one, even tho the full file is there on the server. I’ve uploaded it again.

    If I had any idea what caused such things and how I could make it reliable, I would.

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