Jimmy and I take a rambling look at Marvel’s Ant-Man (after a brief bit of confusion over which movie we’re watching) and express our (reserved) love for it. We praise the look and art design, the actors, and the writing. And we discuss which aspects of the writing and directing don’t work as well.

We’re watching HD versions and stay in sync. Start at 0:00:00 on the countdown.

4 thoughts on “Ant-Man”

  1. I don’t have much of a problem with pressure, actually. To be honest, my psychiatrist says you people are figments of my imagination anyway. We both find it difficult to believe anyone is interested in what I have to say about movies.

    1. Well, as the rambling Scottish voice in your head, I say your psychiatrist is crazy. He’ll never understand and cutting the brakes on his car was the best thing you could have done. That and, why do I have to be Scottish? Where in your brain did that come from????

      (no psychiatrists were harmed in the typing of this message)

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