Drop the Pilot! “Coming to America”

My good friend Jimmy B has started a new podcast recently in which he and guests, including yours truly, discuss failed TV pilots (or, as I believe they call them in Scotland, “telly puddings”).

In this episode, we look at the the Tommy-Davidson-vehicle movie follow-up Coming to America.

3 thoughts on “Drop the Pilot! “Coming to America””

  1. Thanks, Tysto. If your lovely listeners like this episode, I have two more available at the moment. Drop The Pilot on SoundCloud and iTunes and at my site , dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/. Hope y’all enjoy.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. You can download the MP3 on SoundCloud, on my site and iTunes. I would absolutely love to do the Beverly Hills Cop pilot but I sadly can’t find it anywhere right now. I shall keep looking, though.

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