The Long Kiss Goodnight


Join John Pavlich of Sofa Dogs as I join him and Jimmy B to talk about The Long Kiss Goodnight. It’s a Shane Black thriller about mommies and memories set at Christmas, so it’s perfect for April of 2018, AKA the Year With No Spring.

We’re watching it on various devices. Cue up the first frame of black after the studio logo.

3 thoughts on “The Long Kiss Goodnight”

  1. Hi Tysto,
    I really love your commentaries, and enjoy your interesting and thoughtful comments and analysis of the movies – many of which are some of my favorite movies from the 80’s 🙂
    However, I would love it if you could focus more on doing solo-commentaries and not these companion commentaries, together with other people. I am sure you had a blast watching the movie together with the other, and discussing some details and thoughts on it – but, quite frankly, I miss the deeper analysis and interesting points on the movie. Too often it gets to just some random chatter between you guys and it doesn’t feel relevant to the movie in question. Case in point, when you again and again bring up Shane Blacks previous movie The Last Boy Scout. I can see why it came up, but the relevance was not there and it’s a case in point of when it would be better if it was just you and a microphone, enjoying the movie together with us in the audience but also giving some insight too interesting tidbits and fun facts, that show you did some research before watching it and that you engage in the experience.
    Hope you appreciate this honest comment 🙂

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