Good Lord, have you started doing commentaries again??

Yes! Maybe! I don’t know! Jimmy made me do Gremlins!

Honestly, I’ve had a hard time finding films I’m interested in talking about or even watching. I spent the year watching a lot of TV shows and not many movies.

But mostly, I’ve been doing other nonsense like swing trading the stock market, which has been awesome! I’ve had an embarrassing amount of success this year, but it’s sapped my will to watch and talk about films.

I do intend to do a new commentary for The Princess Bride, which I royally botched the first time. And then there’s some more Marvel movies to talk about, and there’s more Star Wars coming. Oh! And a metric tonne of Disney films on Disney+.

Of course, if you’d just like to hear more of my meilfu mellifu melliflugous dumb voice, you can find several episodes of Drop the Pilot I never posted here, including an insane remake of The Munsters called Mockingbird Lane.

4 thoughts on “Good Lord, have you started doing commentaries again??”

  1. ‘The Princess Bride’ would be good. It has been a rough few years for wanting to watch movies. The world has had far too many things going on.

    What did you think of ‘Arrival’?

  2. Miss your great film comments. Especially like Classics. Universal and Hammer films best . So many great films put there. A great comedy series would be nice. Laurel and Hardy. Wc Fields. Its a Gift. Ect. The great actors series. Gable. Tracy. Davis. Garbo. Ect. You are so good at this. New films also like 1917. The Joker. Ect. Bye for now Douglas…

  3. Glad you are doing commentaries again! I just listened to Princess Bride. Awesome, informative and fun as always.

    I’ve listened to nearly all of your commentaries, some many times. They’ve given me a greater appreciation for themes and story and character development.

    I do have 2 things I’ve been meaning to comment on. Although the Weasleys were poor, Jenny did not have to carry her things in a bucket. That was her cauldron. And Roy and Jillian did not have to scale the sheer face of Devil’s tower. The military base wasn’t in the bowl on top, it was just around the other side of the tower from where they were they were climbing. At the base of the tower. Although I wonder if you were being tongue in cheek with either or both of those. 🙂

    I’d really like hearing your view on The Adjustment Bureau or any of the Lord of the Rings.

    What happened with the Zarban site? I miss it.

    Stay Safe

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