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Tysto’s vision

Tysto is an online magazine of analysis, opinion, editoria, satire, ephemera, and miscellany that attempts to put events and phenomena in perspective with quiet determination.


Tysto’s origin

Tysto was born in a trunk; its mama died and its daddy got drunk. It was named for the Swedish word for "shh." When it was a teenager, it was bitten by a radioactive spider and developed superhuman powers. It attended classes at Purdue University, where it acquired a degree in sarcasm with a minor in philosophy. Then it went to work at a large technology firm, where it was beaten daily and fed on table scraps and wood chips until it escaped onto the World Wide Web on March 7, 2004.

Tysto's ring logo has a secret meaning.

I don't know what this is about. I found it here.

Update: They're ear plugs! I decided that after looking at the whole picture and then reading this PDF on how to keep your horse quiet.


Laverne’s horoscope

Laverne is a nice lady and former coworker who occasionally mentioned her horoscope, so we created a horoscope just for her. It changes every time the page loads, so, if you don't like the horoscope you get at first, just reload the page.

Laverne doesn't write the horoscopes, of course. They are written by Mark Beckstrom and Derek Jensen.


Staff *

Derek Jensen

Editor-in-chief and rabid moderate, with a leftward lean on social issues and rightward lean on economic issues. When you see notes signed "—Ed." this is who's behind it.

BB Rodriguez

Irritable political contributor; liberal... leaning libertarian.

Andrew Cole

Serious-minded entertainment correspondent... leaning silly but with definite feminist tendencies. (And that's feminist, not feminine.)

Barton Castor

Stodgy economics contributor; conservative but not neoconservative.

Roland Grant

Itinerant language explainer and tinkerer.

Jason Botwick

Saucy-mouthed C++ programmer; libertarian... leaning liberal.

Dudgeon Schist

Libertarian-inclined realist backwoods network technician.

Wegal Macaca Pinsky

Independent-minded recovering computer game addict and family man (well, not recovering from the family man part).

Mark Beckstrom

Itinerant horoscopist and movie consultant.

Samson D Liela

Movie consultant and Javascript guru.


* note

The term "staff" is not meant to imply an hourly or salaried status or paid status of any kind. Forward-looking statements are predictions to the best of the ability of the publisher. E pluribus unum. Ad infinitem. Rock and roll.


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