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Tysto’s ring logo

The secret meaning explained

2004.03.07 — Tysto | by Derek Jensen

Tysto logo

The integrated ring logo.

You've found the Tysto ring logo secret meaning page. Well done.

I developed Tysto with the vision of creating a site for commentary and analysis of all the things I'm interested in (and anything my friends are interested in enough to write about coherently). But I didn't want to create just a weblog of my thoughts and day-to-day impressions. The idea was that it would be insightful and well-supported with facts and citations.

To come up with the name, I created a huge spreadsheet of pronounceable syllables. I knew I wanted a two or three syllable name that would be memorable but that didn't have any particular meaning, along the lines of yahoo, excite, ebay, google, napster, kaboom, mozilla, slate, amazon, and adidas. I created one table of initial syllables and another for the second syllable. Then I cross-referenced them to get all the possibilities; it was so big I could only do it in pieces. Tysto was just one of the millions of combinations. Another possibility was punco, as well as others I thought of separately, like dragynfly (too cutesy), cultureslum (too snarky), and centralbureacracy (too hard to spell).

I wanted a simple logo to go with it, something curvy and symbolic of interconnectedness.

I googled the name "tysto" and used Babelfish to search foreign languages and found that it had some meaning related to "shush" in Scandinavian languages.

I wanted a simple logo to go with it, something curvy and symbolic of interconnectedness. I came up with the ring logo to show the way different viewpoints overlap. The broader they are, the more they connect with other viewpoints, yet no viewpoint can encompass all views.

So, together, the name "Tysto" and the ring logo mean that we should calm down, analyze the situation, evaluate all the available opinions, and render an assessment based on fact and a more complete understanding than one viewpoint alone can provide.

As a result, I decided to write for Tysto under several pseudonyms. I use my own name for opinions that are more mainstream and closest to my own feelings, which are moderately liberal with a libertarian leaning (I consider myself a moderate Democrat). The "BB Rodriguez" name I use for those ideas that are a little more liberal, a little more strongly worded, and a little less forgiving of those I think are wrong or lying. The name "Barton Castor" is the one I use to explore more conservative views, even tho I may not agree with them.

I am also "Andrew Cole" and "Roland Grant," two more aspects of my interests (movies and words, respectively).

  • Jason Botwick is a real guy, a friend from college.
  • Wegal Pinsky is the pseudonym of my close friend growing up.
  • Samson D Leila is the pseudonym of a friend who is an occasional coworker.
  • Mark Beckstrom is the real name of a friend who is an occasional coworker.


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