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Give my regards to Broadway

2005.02.13 — Culture | Postcards | Travel | by Derek Jensen

Times Square

Times Square. (hi res)

Start spreadin' the news, I'm leavin' today— well, I left a few weeks ago, actually. Having completed my work in Newark, I packed my bags and hopped a plane home from the east coast. I still had some nice pics left that I hadn't posted. It was fun while it lasted.

I took these photos the night of my project team's summer dinner cruise, which was held October 12 (calendar drift attributable to a failure to document the business requirement that the summer dinner cruise should take place in summer).

None of my cruise photos were any good because of the lousy lighting inside (plus, I'm not a people photographer, altho I got a decent one of Kota) and because the movement of the boat made long-exposure night shots impossible outside.

Times Square

Times Square. (hi res)

I took these pics at practically a dead run on the way back to the WTC train station, led by a team member who knew the way and didn't care to dawdle.

...Sachi Otsuka, as it happens. And to think I wrote a haiku for her in her native Japanese....

Sachi Otsuka,

Mushi mushi, geisha-san.

Sayonara. Hai.

Admittedly, it's very, very similar to the one I wrote for Kota.

Samurai Kota,

Konichiwa, Kota-san

Banzai, samurai.

Translations. Look for my book of Japanese poetry coming soon to a bookstore near you.

Manhattan Rent theater

Manhattan Rent theater. (hi res)

We went thru some interesting places, like Times Square and the theater where Rent plays. I made my standard joke by calling on the others to "be on the lookout for celebrities."

We also went thru some rougher neighborhoods, prompting me to amend my request to "be on the lookout for crime scenes."

Neither appeared.



Manhattan Broadway post office

Manhattan Broadway post office. (hi res)

Further up Broadway, it was lit up like daylight. These photos of the US Postal Service building on Broadway were taken that same night, not during the day.

Its a great building, a beautiful example of neo-classical American government architecture, with Corinthian columns.

The White House is in the Ionic style. Is it any wonder America is viewed as imperialistic?



Manhattan Broadway post office

Manhattan Broadway post office.
(hi res)

I really like the effect I got on the close-up, contrasting the tones and the shapes. The wavy window reflections inset in the stately columns, seemingly caged by the ironwork, make this one of my favorite memories of Manhattan. I use this as my wallpaper now.

I'm glad to be out of Jersey now, but I'll miss being able to go into Manhattan. I'm traveling to a project in Cincinnati now, also downtown, but it doesn't compare to New York (nicer than Newark, tho). Look for pics of Cinci in the future.

Meanwhile, sayonara, Manhattan. Hai.




Sachi Otsuka,
Hello, miss professional-hostess.
Goodbye. Yes.

Noble-warrior Kota,
Thank you, Mr. Kota.
Victory*, noble-warrior.

I know banzai doesn't really mean "victory." It means "[may you live] ten thousand years," but something gets lost in the translation.

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