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Postcards from the print shop

2006.12.04 — Culture | Postcards | Travel | by Derek Jensen

Cincinnati by twilight, with Corvette

Cincinnati by twilight on a CD cover. [Derek Jensen]

Every two weeks or so, Tysto gets a request to use photos from this site for some project or other. It used to be a little more often, but has decreased since I put the permissions in the side bar on the Postcards main page. As it happens, no other Tysto contributor has done a Postcards article, so I hold the copyright on all of them. That allows me to quickly respond with permission. I always allow my photos to be used for any project at no cost.

I recently got a treat when I received a package containing a new phone book cover from the Van Wert, Ohio area with my photo of the historic Van Wert county courthouse on it. Regular readers may recall the article "Courthouses I have known" from last year and the "More courthouses" page where I continue to update the collection periodically. The Van Wert picture appears at the bottom.

I've also had various requests to use my photos of courthouses for other projects, including a brochure for the County Commissioners Association of Ohio.

Last year, I got a request from Germany to use one of my photos of the Roebling Suspension Bridge in Cincinnati in a pamphlet celebrating the bridge's German designer, John Roebling (who is more famous for designing the Brooklyn Bridge). They kindly sent me several of the pamphlets in both German and English. I also got a request to use a photo of the Cincinnati skyline from that same photo shoot on a CD cover for a doo-wop compilation.

Another request was from Business Week magazine, who wanted to use my photo of the Fifth Third Bank headquarters in Cincinnati. I'm not sure if that ever ran, tho. I also got a request to use one of my photos of Paul Brown Stadium in Cincy on a stadium menu. I've had several requests to use my photos of the Cincinnati skyline on websites and other projects.

And I've had requests to use my Tribute in Light photos for the National Safety Council's monthly Safety+Health magazine. Requests for prints of Tribute in Light and others were the reason I created the Tysto shop on CafePress, altho so far I've only sold one large print. However, I've had several of my photos printed as large prints for my own house.

I've posted hundreds of my photos on Wikipedia. Four were nominated as featured images and two were voted in.

Since photographing the local junior football season, I've created a Tysto account on Fotki, where the best of Tysto photos are available for download or purchase as prints.


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