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President Barack Obama

2008.11.07 — Government | Politics | by Derek Jensen

Barack Obama

Barack Obama [source]

The election of Barack Obama to the presidency means a lot to this country and to the world. It means that we can begin getting some respect back in the international community. It means we can open new dialogs with both allies and enemies. It means our government will stop ordering scientific reports altered to fit their world view. It will stop casually spying on our own citizens. It will stop torturing suspects and sending suspects to foreign countries to be tortured. It means our government will find a way out of Iraq.

The election also puts more Democrats in Congress, which will help President Obama enact progressive legislation. That means a sensible, progressive tax system that provides a base for a healthy economy. It means a generous policy toward those who want to emigrate to America to pursue the American dream. It means a clean energy policy that isn't just lip service. And it means a path to universal health care that conservatives will hate until the day they find they can't live without it.

Liberal and progressive policies are the policies that make America strong and make Americans welcome as good citizens of the world. Conservative, regressive policies are the ones that make America isolated, feared, and mistrusted, that make the nation a jungle where only the strong survive and only the selfish and privileged become strong. The election of Barack Obama and other Democrats paves the way to a new America that leads the world instead of bullying it, that teaches the world instead of preaching to it, and that governs with reason instead of rhetoric, democracy instead of demagogery.


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