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More Republican’t Bumper Stickers

Ever the ardent partisan, I created some more Republican’t bumper stickers. Display these proudly wherever you might encounter a Democrat.

And don’t forget: vote early and often!

Republican’t Bumper Stickers

The general election is coming to a head, so I thought it was time to show my support for the Republican’t Party. I created these bumper stickers for you put proudly display your Republican’t philosophies. Feel free to distribute these as you like.

How Medicare destroyed America… right?

BB Rodriguez engages in a little Time travel to the mid-1960s to look at the Medicare and Medicaid debate and how that all turned out. Turns out: surprisingly well—and in some surprising ways.

Success, alterations, positive side effects, and 130 years of German national health care. Time travel is amazing.

Why a national health care system is a good idea

Derek Jensen compares universal health services with universal fire fighting services and police services, with a little history on the insurance industry and a brief examination of universal health care in other industrialized countries.


Derek Jensen grades Barack Obama on his first 100 days and on his approach to dealing with the torture policies of the previous administration. He examines the historical American policy around torture and concludes that not nearly enough has been done.