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Good Lord, have you started doing commentaries again??

Yes! Maybe! I don’t know! Jimmy made me do Gremlins!

Honestly, I’ve had a hard time finding films I’m interested in talking about or even watching. I spent the year watching a lot of TV shows and not many movies.

But mostly, I’ve been doing other nonsense like swing trading the stock market, which has been awesome! I’ve had an embarrassing amount of success this year, but it’s sapped my will to watch and talk about films.

I do intend to do a new commentary for The Princess Bride, which I royally botched the first time. And then there’s some more Marvel movies to talk about, and there’s more Star Wars coming. Oh! And a metric tonne of Disney films on Disney+.

Of course, if you’d just like to hear more of my meilfu mellifu melliflugous dumb voice, you can find several episodes of Drop the Pilot I never posted here, including an insane remake of The Munsters called Mockingbird Lane.

Tysto update

Just a little update and apology for not posting more commentaries.

Bonus: I apologize over only the first half of 42 Shades of Gray‘s fun and clever “Point Break”. It’s a catchy song, and I’m happy to have chosen it and its podsafe freeness as my theme song for ten years…

PS I just threw him 20 bucks via Bandcamp…

Switch to Blubrry PowerPress

After many complaints about broken downloads, I’ve finally fulfilled my promise to switch to another MP3 player/downloader plugin, Blubrry PowerPress. I thought it was going to be a hassle but turned out to consist of confirming some settings and disabling the old plugin, so now I feel like an ass for not doing it sooner.

Hopefully that solves the problem and all will be well in Tystoland.* Please let me know if you encounter any problems.

This success has encouraged me to make a couple of other changes, namely adding a Twitter feed for the joint Tysto-Zarban twitter account, and changing the picture in the upper right.

* Tystoland is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TystoZarban Productions Incorporated, a division of Halliburton.

Genius Kids Find Century-old Train Robbery Gold

For a remarkable second time, youngsters have found a hoard of treasure buried on the property of Todd and Amy Hundt. Long-time readers of this writer may remember the 2007 case of Jacob Bennitt and Alexandra Lohse unraveling the mystery of a buried treasure involving invisible ink and coded messages. Yesterday afternoon, cousins Keely Kovach and Connor Hundt (both 13) of Bremen, Indiana, discovered the missing loot from a 1901 train robbery.

The full set of pictures…

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