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10 years and 200 commentaries

tysto-logo3It almost came and went without my noticing, but this site has now been going for more than 10 years now, and I’ve done 200 commentaries. I first started the site in early 2004 as a place to hold my movie reviews and travel photos and my opinions on culture and government, but by late 2006 I found I was more interested in doing commentaries for movies.

I started where it’s only natural—the classics: Casablanca, La Dolce Vita, and the Firefly TV series. I’ve made quite a number of friends and had some great times watching movies with some of them, and my commentaries get enough feedback that I feel people are enjoying them, so it’s worth it to keep going.

And now that I have a fresh look for the site, I feel like I might just keep tinkering and musing for another 10 years and 200 commentaries.

Thanks for listening!

New look

I don’t know what caused my template to get messed up, but I’ve decided that after 10 years, it’s time to freshen the look. So I’m going to look for a new template that looks good and I can adapt to accommodate the PodPress plugin and commentary list.

Look for it soon!

Tell me what you think!

Sorting things out

I’ve got all the files reuploaded and linked again now. And I’ve also got the site added back to iTunes. (So welcome, all you thousands of newcomers who will find me that way!)

And since John Pavlich posted Inception so quickly on his site, I moved it up ahead of Austin Powers.

New Year’s Resolution: requests

Having recently agreed to do a commentary for Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, it occurred to me to go back and look at other requests I’ve had and see how I’ve done at fulfilling them. And it turns out… not so good.

I’ve had some good feedback and many more requests than I’d realized, but I’ve only done a few of the movies requested. I tried to do a Charles Bronson movie and found I didn’t have anything to say about them, kept an eye out for the obscure Hammer horror, found I had nothing to say about The Invisible Man (I might give that and the original Mummy another shot), and have a few others waiting patiently for me to get clean of my James Bond, Star Trek, and now Harry Potter obsessions.

So, my New Year’s Resolution is to do a better job at fulfilling requests.

Numbers: most popular Tysto commentaries

In early June 2010, I started using the PodPress WordPress plugin to make my commentaries available on iTunes. A side benefit is that it tracks the downloads and displays the information simply and in versatile ways. I wish I’d been using it all along, because it’s been great to see the number of listeners I have.
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