Bremen junior football 2006


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Game 1 — 2006.09.16 — Green v. Blue

Game 2 — 2006.09.23 — Blue v. Gold

Game 3 — 2006.09.30 — Gold v. Green

Game 4 — 2006.10.07 — Blue v. Green

Game 5 — 2006.10.14 — Gold v. Blue

Game 6 — 2006.10.21 — Green v. Gold

Candy Bowl — 2006.10.29 — Rochester v. Bremen

Season End Banquet — 2006.11.07


2006.10.29 — Culture | Postcards | Sports | by Derek Jensen

The 2006 Bremen junior football season ended today with a brilliant and heroic loss by Bremen to the visiting Rochester Zebras. The mighty prepubescent Lions came out with a roar, decisively winning the coin toss and cleverly electing to receive. The chastened Zebras fell back on such desperate and dubiously-legal techniques as "blocking" and "kicking" to scratch out a meager nine points—points that went coldly unanswered by the stoic Lions. The Lions' every-man-for-himself offense left the Zebras confused and dejected, but Rochester nevertheless took the win in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

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