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The Bourne Supremacy

Bourne SupremacyNetflix IMDb
Faldor joins me again for the second of the Bourne movies (unless you count the TV movie with Richard Chamberlain, WHICH NO ONE DOES). Faldor claims that it’s a bad movie. I claim that it’s a good movie—specifically: Frankenstein. We compare it to the first film, Frankenstein, Bond films, Close Encounters, The Story of Anne Frank, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ronin, and—very slightly—the book it’s supposedly based on.

We agree on almost all points and yet disagree on the overall quality of the film itself. We discuss various locations in Europe, and whether or not the plot is actually necessary to the story in this case. We rewrite the film to be more character-oriented. And we touch on how technology has advanced to the point that nearly all the “high tech” stuff could be done on an iPhone.

Look for 2014 Frankenstein on the SyFy channel in the fall!. Unfortunately, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein already exists!

We’re both watching the Blu-ray, so we stay in sync. Start the commentary after the Universal logo, on the countdown.

The Bourne Identity

Bourne IdentityNetflix IMDb
Faldor joins me for a full look at the first Jason Bourne movie, the heartwarming tale of an amnesiac assassin learning love (and kill) again. We like the film a lot, but we do feel it has its flaws. We compare it to the Bond films, the later Bourne films, Ronin, Hannah, The Italian Job (1969), and Frankenstein. We wonder if Brian Cox has a thing for amnesiac killing machines. We question Matt Damon’s commitment to the assassin trade and what Julia Stiles is doing in this movie. I briefly accuse Dolph Lundgren of being German. Faldor briefly accuses Julia Stiles of not being a good actor. I claim that Clive Owen could play any role, including James Bond and Doctor Who (possibly at the same time).

I’m watching the Blu-ray; Faldor is watching the PAL DVD, so we resync a few times. Start the commentary after the Universal logo, on the countdown.