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Qui-Gon Jinn vs Abraham Lincoln

Quick: name two of the tallest and most influential people in history/fiction who were forced to confront slavery and the threat of the destruction of their civilization and who had beards. You thought of Abraham Lincoln and Qui-Gon Jinn, didn’t you? I knew it! Both of them certainly had an enormous influence on the world around them and the posterity of their respective cultures. But which of them is the more important, the more influential, and the more all-around awesome?
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How Medicare destroyed America… right?

Time, Aug '65—Johnson's Great Society
Time, Aug '65—Johnson's Great Society

Medicare and Medicaid were introduced in middle of the Johnson administration, much to the angry protest of conservatives at the time. A trip thru Time magazine’s archives shows that they called them a handout; they called them socialism; they called them government interference in private health matters.

Sound familiar? All these things are being said about the Obama administration’s universal health care plan. Only add to that the panicked cry of Republican stooges saying that Obama’s plan will kill your grandma.
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