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Tysto: now on iTunes

I’ve gotten Tysto listed on iTunes now. To facilitate that, I added a special plugin, so the look of the individual commentary pages has changed. I still haven’t changed the Firefly page over to the new style, but now all the other commentaries have posters, streaming players, and links on iTunes.


I don’t have a button to link to iTunes, but I’ll do that soon. The old pages still exist, but I’ll gradually change them to automatic redirects.

Messed up—fixed!(?)

Something is still wrong with this site. The front page is now not displaying correctly, as if some code in one of the posts is invalid. Unpublishing that post allows a couple of others to appear, but then some other post gets cut off. The right sidebar never appears.

EDIT: I’ve changed the site to the Simplicity theme for now, and that seems to have fixed it. Re-uploading the files isn’t working, for some reason. I’m having serious FTP server issues that may really be a local network problem.

I’m also intermittently getting the message:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/t/y/s/tysto/html/wp-content/themes/simplicity/themetoolkit.php:2) in /home/content/t/y/s/tysto/html/wp-includes/classes.php on line 1586

It happens particularly if you access the site with http://tysto.com instead of http://www.tysto.com, which baffled the GoDaddy tech. But I’ve also seen it on the admin pages. Rrrrr.

New approach

Discovering that the Tysto site layout was broken in Internet Explorer, I’ve done a lot of experimenting and investigating in the last few days. I’m not fluent enough in CSS to figure out exactly why the layout looked fine in Firefox but the sidebars were misplaced in IE, so I gave up and pulled the table format from the old site and adapted it to the WordPress theme. The result is a solid hybrid with a little more predictable behavior.

This is antithetical to the CSS philosophy popular now, but I no longer care. I’m fed up with not being able to figure out what setting of what trait of what style for what object in what file is controlling what appears on screen.

Further refinements

I’ve continued to refine the site and make it look and work more like the old site, with the help of some plug-ins and add-in code. I’ve also started converting more articles, which I am giving publishing dates that match the original date of publishing, creating a sort of retroactive archive. I will probably have all the old files redirect to the new page, so visitors see the WordPress version and can take advantage of the commenting functionality and so on.

Speaking of which, one of the enhancements I’ve added is a commenting plug-in that allows readers to edit their comments for a time (it’s set to 8 minutes right now). I’ve also added author avatars, which personalizes the articles a bit. Another thing I’ve done is change the original teasers, which were the article ledes, into summaries (via excerpts). However, I’m starting to think that they sound bad in comparison. I’m generally pretty good at writing interesting ledes.

New Tysto goes live

The conversion of the site is pretty much complete. All the building blocks are in place. So far, I’ve converted only one actual article, but more will come. The old site and all the old pages are still available at their old location except for the category pages, which have been moved to an archive folder.

Any links directly to articles in this site will still be valid for the foreseeable future. I hate it when a website makes changes that invalidate some of its content pages. If you can’t plan ahead so that your content is available for years at a time, then you’re not making a serious effort at publishing content in the first place.

I’ve added a link to the old site in the Archived Pages section on the front page in the sidebar on the right.