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More Republican’t Bumper Stickers

Ever the ardent partisan, I created some more Republican’t bumper stickers. Display these proudly wherever you might encounter a Democrat.

And don’t forget: vote early and often!

Republican’t Bumper Stickers

The general election is coming to a head, so I thought it was time to show my support for the Republican’t Party. I created these bumper stickers for you put proudly display your Republican’t philosophies. Feel free to distribute these as you like.

“I [heart] Precision” T-shirt

I created a new T-shirt design today. It’s in the Tysto shop. Check it out. It’s the phrase “I [heart] Precision” with a precise depiction of a human heart instead of a wildly inaccurate symbolic representation of one. You can get the T-shirt in several colors with the white-on-color design. I put it on a […]