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2012: Ice Age

2012: Ice AgeNetflix IMDb
The Asylum is back! And without commercials! And that guy from Summer School (no, not Mark Harmon) and that girl from Growing Pains (no, not Tracey Gold) drive and fly and walk and otherwise travel from the frozen north to the soon-to-be-frozen slightly-further-south. Join me as I watch it for the first time and gradually figure out what city (or what coast, for that matter) the film is set in (I wasn’t paying a lot of attention at the beginning). I analyze the motives of the protagonists (survive; get daughter) and the antagonists (smash whichever coast we’re set in).

Along the way, I make up a background for the mysterious and otherwise creditless director Travis Fort. I wax poetical about the various vehicles the characters travel in. I contemplate the dangers of “snornados”. I say some things that might get me beaten up the next time I go to New York (our nation’s capital), New Jersey (its retarded brother), and Canada (it only has two cities and its savage people worship glaciers). And I imagine other (copyrighted!) ways of portraying the glacier, such as by giving it an English accent and a hunchback.

Start the movie with the clouds before the “The Asylum” title on the countdown.

Star Trek 3

Star Trek 3: The Search for SpockNetflix IMDb
Join me as I join the Doctor again for our third trek! This is the one where Spock is reborn, and McCoy carries Spock’s mind alongside his own mind, and Sulu changes clothes at inappropriate times. We examine the ideas of Vulcan mind transfer, naked racism in the Federation, and the meanness of wrapping reborn people in their own death shrouds.

We also discuss whether or not McCoy almost accidentally picks up an alien prostitute, whether or not Scotty is basically R2D2, and whether or not Kirk answers Spock’s question honestly when Spock asks “The ship safe?” And along the way, you’ll learn which scientific discoveries the Doctor condemns as dangerously unpredictable and why my first sexual experience was like Spock’s.

Start the commentary with the Paramount logo faded to white, on the countdown.

The Matrix

The MatrixNetflix IMDb
Join John Pavlich of Sofa Dogs and me as we watch Johnny Utah go toe to toe with Elrond with a little help from Cowboy Curtis in the 1999 emo action thriller that started a revolution! We wax philosophical over dreamscapes, simulations, body horror, the juxtaposition of old and new technology, and the wearing of super cool sunglasses at night! I reveal my secret Internet hacker name, John reveals what Star Wars films he has not seen, and we both examine what works and what doesn’t quite work for each of us. We discuss the sequels a little bit when they inform this film, but mostly take the movie on its own terms. John is momentarily dumbfounded by the thought of Carrie-Anne Moss’ boobs in Red Planet; I am momentarily dumbfounded by the thought of Katie Holmes’ boobs in The Gift.

Note: I call them the Wachowski Brothers at the beginning because that’s how they’re credited on the film, and we avoid discussing Larry Wachowski’s private life except where it’s actually relevant to the film directly.

Later Note: We recorded this back in the days when no one but the Wachowskis knew what was up with them. Now we know better.

Start the film right after the Village Roadshow logo has faded on the countdown.

The Day of the Jackal

Day of the JackalNetflix IMDb
Michael Lonsdale is back! And this time he’s the good guy, tracking down an international killer known only by the code name “Hello Sailor!” or whatever the French equivalent is. Join me as, despite my cold, I put on a perfect French accent (London, France, to be exact) and cue up this tense Cold-War-era thriller about how terrible the French army is at killing people.

Despite the flabby meticulous plotting and the long luxurious running time, the pacing is excellent. I explore what could have been cut without hurting the film and what could have been tightened up to help it. And I mock the hilarious French cars. Oh, and bonus if you watch along with me: French ta-tas. Ooh la la!
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MoonrakerNetflix IMDb
Jaws is back, and Bond fights him! (again and again…) It’s the eleventh Bond, and I admire the sights, the women, the stunts, the women’s revealing wardrobe, the model shots, the model-actresses, and the incredible Ken Adam sets.

I don’t do much car spotting or gun spotting because Bond drives boats and fights hand-to-hand pretty much the whole movie. *sigh* The comedy is slapsticky (vaudevillian, to be exact), and the story is a loose collection of great set pieces connected by cardboard arrows. (Venetian glass? Go to Venice! Crates that say “Rio”? Go to Rio! Toxin from the Amazon? Go to the Amazon! Space shuttles? Go to space!) Plus, the villain’s plan is basically the same as in the last movie (kill everyone, clean up the corpses with bulldozers, repopulate). Still, I don’t think it’s the worst Bond of them all. (Your mileage may vary.)

The love music cue at the end is not from Dr. Zhivago (“Lara’s Theme/Somewhere My Love“) but rather the love theme from Tchaikovsky’s Romeo & Juliet.

Start the commentary with the gun barrel sequence, on the countdown.

Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi

Return of the JediNetflix IMDb
Join me for the last of the Star Wars films ever made! (Later films notwithstanding. Offer void where prohibited.) I analyze the romance, the bromance, and the dromance. I try to figure out the timeline again. I compare the Empire’s work-life-balance policies with the Alliance’s. And I deconstruct the episodic nature of this film and the previous one.

I analyze the lack of proper planning evident thruout the film, including the method of constructing Death Star II. I once again declare my love for ewoks, perhaps a little too strongly…. I forgive C-3P0 somewhat. And I do lots of incredibly precises impressions of various characters. (Your mileage may vary. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.)

Start the commentary just as the “Long ago and far away” line comes up, on the countdown.


ZombielandNetflix IMDb
Rule #8: Get a kick-ass partner. It’s John Pavlich from the Sofa Dogs podcast hosting me for a commentary on the zom-com-non-bomb Zombieland. It’s the heartwarming tale of a nerdy college student’s search for someone to “pass the gravy” to. It’s also the moving tale of a childless father’s search for vengeance and Twinkies. And it’s also the shocking tale of two con-artist sisters’ search for a shower and an amusement park where there are no lines. And it’s ALSO the heartbreaking tale of Bill Murray getting shot for pretending to be a zombie, like an idiot.

Join John and me for a fast run to Pacific Playland, where you will learn why Down in Front dropped the ball on their commentary for this film, the rules for survival in a Zombie apocalypse, and who you’re gonna call (Ghostbusters).

Apparently, Down in Front lost their recording of their Zombieland commentary. John and I attended the live recording via Justin.tv. It’s quite possible they’ll do it again with a different mix, especially since Trey hates Zombieland even more than the others and was sorry he couldn’t have been there. So, think of this as a record of a lost artifact, like some of the works of Aristotle, only much crankier.

Start the film right after the Columbia logo has faded on the countdown.