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The Matrix

The MatrixNetflix IMDb
Join John Pavlich of Sofa Dogs and me as we watch Johnny Utah go toe to toe with Elrond with a little help from Cowboy Curtis in the 1999 emo action thriller that started a revolution! We wax philosophical over dreamscapes, simulations, body horror, the juxtaposition of old and new technology, and the wearing of super cool sunglasses at night! I reveal my secret Internet hacker name, John reveals what Star Wars films he has not seen, and we both examine what works and what doesn’t quite work for each of us. We discuss the sequels a little bit when they inform this film, but most take the movie on its own terms. John is momentarily dumbfounded by the thought of Carrie-Anne Moss’ boobs in Red Planet; I am momentarily dumbfounded by the thought of Katie Holmes’ boobs in The Gift.

Note: I call them the Wachowski Brothers at the beginning because that’s how they’re credited on the film, and we avoid discussing Larry Wachowski’s private life except where it’s actually relevant to the film directly.

Start the film right after the Village Roadshow logo has faded on the countdown.


ZombielandNetflix IMDb
Rule #8: Get a kick-ass partner. It’s John Pavlich from the Sofa Dogs podcast hosting me for a commentary on the zom-com-non-bomb Zombieland. It’s the heartwarming tale of a nerdy college student’s search for someone to “pass the gravy” to. It’s also the moving tale of a childless father’s search for vengeance and Twinkies. And it’s also the shocking tale of two con-artist sisters’ search for a shower and an amusement park where there are no lines. And it’s ALSO the heartbreaking tale of Bill Murray getting shot for pretending to be a zombie, like an idiot.

Join John and me for a fast run to Pacific Playland, where you will learn why Down in Front dropped the ball on their commentary for this film, the rules for survival in a Zombie apocalypse, and who you’re gonna call (Ghostbusters).

Apparently, Down in Front lost their recording of their Zombieland commentary. John and I attended the live recording via Justin.tv. It’s quite possible they’ll do it again with a different mix, especially since Trey hates Zombieland even more than the others and was sorry he couldn’t have been there. So, think of this as a record of a lost artifact, like some of the works of Aristotle, only much crankier.

Start the film right after the Columbia logo has faded on the countdown.