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Star Trek 6

Star Trek 6Netflix IMDb
Faldor returns to take the place of the Doctor from Speakeasy on a final(?) Star Trek commentary. We examine the film as a treatise on Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes (and international politics and racism, whatever) and speculate on Kim Catrall’s allure.

We discuss some background on how the budget constrained Nick Meyer’s production values and how he nevertheless prevailed mightily. We like this adventure a lot, roast turkey, purple blood, and all.

I’m watching the Blu-ray theatrical cut. Faldor is watching the PAL DVD director’s cut. We try to keep clear on where we are. Start the movie after the Paramount logo, on the countdown.

Star Trek 5

Star Trek 5Netflix IMDb
At last, I rejoin the Doctor for another journey to the stars, this time to find God Himself. The Doctor takes away all my pain and yours to, if you’ll only join him in his insane quest to do commentaries for all the Star Trek movies.

We discuss the wisdom of Shatner getting to direct just because Nimoy got to direct, the likelihood that Kirk is the source of most of the pain on the Enterprise, the likelihood that I would fall for the old fan dance trick, and much, much more!

Start the movie with the Paramount logo faded to white on the countdown.

Star Trek 4

Star Trek IVNetflix IMDb
It’s another Trek! Join the Doctor and me again for the one where Spock swears and Kirk fails to score and the rest of the crew does an amazing job of stealing some whales: a.k.a. “the corny one.”

Nevertheless, the Doctor and I enjoy it enormously and don’t poke too much fun at its premise of a giant space Tootsie Roll menacing Earth with a really loud stereo and traveling back in time to bring back whales to talk to it. It’s just ridiculous, but the jokes are actually mostly funny, and the characters are great.

Start the commentary after the Paramount logo has faded and the Paramount title card has just come up, on the countdown.

Star Trek 3

Star Trek 3: The Search for SpockNetflix IMDb
Join me as I join the Doctor again for our third trek! This is the one where Spock is reborn, and McCoy carries Spock’s mind alongside his own mind, and Sulu changes clothes at inappropriate times. We examine the ideas of Vulcan mind transfer, naked racism in the Federation, and the meanness of wrapping reborn people in their own death shrouds.

We also discuss whether or not McCoy almost accidentally picks up an alien prostitute, whether or not Scotty is basically R2D2, and whether or not Kirk answers Spock’s question honestly when Spock asks “The ship safe?” And along the way, you’ll learn which scientific discoveries the Doctor condemns as dangerously unpredictable and why my first sexual experience was like Spock’s.

Start the commentary with the Paramount logo faded to white, on the countdown.

Star Trek 2

Star Trek 2Netflix IMDb
Join me as I join the Doctor again for another trek into space! Together, we examine the meaning of friendship and sacrifice and [shifts jaw awkwardly] “human”. We examine the structure of the story and debate the artificiality of Shatner’s hair and Montalban’s chest. We contemplate Sean Connery as a scholar of Judaism and wonder about how Sulu spent the time between TPM and WoK and also how many times Kirk has had to fight an illegitimate child to the death.

Overall, we love the film, altho it is perhaps slightly more talky and less profound than many would like to pretend. I can’t remember the phrase “affirmative action”. And we get cut off briefly at one point but quickly get back on track.

Other movies featuring “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes (ref):

This is a PAL version. Start the commentary with the Paramount logo faded out and the Paramount title card (just the words) about to fade in, on the countdown.

Star Trek 1: TMP

Star Trek: The Motion PictureNetflix IMDb
The Doctor joins me again for another walk down memory lane, this time with Robert Wise and Alan Dean Foster’s tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey and slow-motion model work. We both love the film and William Shatner and Persis Khambatta and the idea that Decker might just be responsible for creating the Borg.

We’re watching the director’s cut, with the silver “Paramount Pictures Presents” lettering at the beginning and not the theatrical cut with the gold lettering. The differences are not enormous.

The Internets are kind to us this time (the Doctor has “moved house” as they say in the UK) but his new microphone goes wonky a couple of times, making him a little hard to hear thru the noise. We’re very sorry and promise to have it sorted out in the future.

Start the commentary with the Paramount logo faded out and the Paramount title card (just the words) about to fade in, on the countdown. (91 MB)

Star Trek

Star TrekNetflix IMDb
JJ Abrams’ reboot of the storied Star Trek franchise meets its match in the form of myself and the Doctor from Speakeasy Podcast, in which we deftly pick apart the minor plot inconsistencies, such as every single thing that happens. However, we do love the film (even if it does feel like $150 million dollar fan fiction aimed at lens flare aficionados) so we fawn over the actors and effects and compare it to the original series and movies. But we also expose the ugly specter of racism and alcoholism in Starfleet (speaking of which: take a drink every time someone abandons his post as captain!).

Errata: Thruout the film, I stupidly call the Narada the Naruto. Also, grog rations were ended by the British navy in 1970. And the one where Kirk angers Spock with insults is “This Side of Paradise” and not “Shore Leave”. (Those are all mine. The Doctor’s “facts” are all “true”.)

Start the commentary with the Paramount logo just faded out, on the countdown. (91 MB)