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Star Trek 00 “The Cage”


Space: the final frontier. Our five-year ten-episode mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Join Olly and me one our mission to examine Star Trek (the original series) in ten installments (probably at least eleven now, actually). Our first installment is the original pilot starring Jeffrey Hunter, “The Cage”, which was later used to cobble together a two-parter called “The Menagerie”. It’s a fascinating start.

I’m watching a downloaded Amazon streaming version; Olly is watching a DVD; and we stay in sync. Start at 0:00:00 on the countdown.

From Buffy to Echo: Joss Whedon’s weird obsession with supergirls

Echo and the gang of The Dollhouse
Echo and the gang of The Dollhouse

Joss Whedon, most famous for creating and helming Buffy the Vampire Slayer thru several seasons of high-school angst and vampire slaying, has gone on to write and produce several other movies and television shows. But there remains a silver thread running thru them that has begun to seem… unseemly. Joss Whedon likes girls. A lot. With super powers.

Whedon likes his girls young, pretty, filled with secrets, possessed of awesome powers of destruction, and—if possible—programmable. Is it feminism or a pathology? You decide.
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Seinfeld 08×08 “The Chicken Roaster”

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A Kenny Rogers’ Roasters restaurant moves in across the street and beams red light into Kramer’s apartment day and night, so he gets Jerry to switch apartments. Elaine buys George a sable hat on the Peterman account along with a load of other things for herself, then gets audited by their accountant. I take apart this classic eighth season episode scene by scene, praising all its loopy goodness and gently pointing out its mild gaps.

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