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Postcards from the District

Washington DC

2007.10.22 — Culture | Postcards | Travel | by Derek Jensen

Finding myself with still more time on my hands and access to air and hotel points, I decided a few weeks ago to book a trip to Washington, DC for a long weekend. It was too short of notice to get a ticket to the White House tour, but that's how my business trips to DC have been in the past too. I planned to knock around the town for a couple of days and make a more comprehensive trip with White House tour in a few months.


Jensen-Barry Wedding

2007.06.27 — Culture | Postcards | Wedding | by Derek Jensen

Nicole and Kevin

Congratulations to Nicole and Kevin on their wedding on Saturday, June 23! This is a selection of the best of the photographs I shot of the wedding and surrounding events. I have made full photo sets available on my Fotki galleries for the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. The Rehearsal gallery contains 116 photos of the rehearsal on Friday. The Ceremony gallery contains 138 photos of the preparations, posings, ceremony, and license-signing. The Reception gallery contains 59 photos of the wedding reception.


Manhattan traffic

Manhattan redux

2007.06.04 — Culture | Postcards | Travel | by Derek Jensen

Back in 2004, I posted some photos I had taken in Manhattan while I was working across the way in Newark. At the time, I decided that 1400 x 1050 was high enough resolution for these, but recently I decided to post the full 5 megapixel resolution images of these (they were taken when I still had my old Olympus snapshot camera).


Postcards from the stage of rage

2007.03.16 — Culture | Postcards | Travel | by Derek Jensen

Red Riding Hood

A friend urged me to go see a stage play while I was in Pittsburgh. It was the March 9 Rage of the Stage Players' production of A Little Red, a series of reimaginings of the Red Riding Hood folktale. I was intrigued by the idea, but didn't imagine it would amount to all that much. Boy, was I wrong.

It was fantastic—excellently written and well acted, with amazing costumes and professional presentation. That's no easy task in a converted brew house, and much to director James Michael Shoberg's credit. I was just amazed. But I took way—waaay—too many pictures.


Pittsburgh incline

A walking tour of Pittsburgh

2007.03.12 — Culture | Postcards | Travel | by Derek Jensen

I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh to see a stage play (more to come on that later) and had hopes of making some photographic excursions. Rain set in on Saturday, and Sunday was sunny but very cold. Steeler winter notwithstanding, I seized the opportunity to go on a walking tour of the city and takes some photos.

I walked around the downtown area first, hunting down some turn-of-the-previous-century architecture. I got some good pictures of a couple of skyscrapers, but I was mainly interested in the touristy side of Pittsburgh.


Pittsburgh downtown

Postcards from Pittsburgh

2007.03.04 — Culture | Postcards | Travel | by Derek Jensen

I started traveling to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. The weather immediately turned bitter cold and snowy—appropriate for a Pittsburgh winter, I think, but tough to take photographs. Still, a city in winter can be interesting too. Pittsburgh, it turns out, is a city of contrasts—a history as steel town, a future as a financial center. And it has some of the lousiest drivers I've ever seen in my whole miserable, misbegotten life.

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Postcards from the print shop

Cincinnati by twilight, with Corvette

2006.12.04 — Culture | Postcards | Travel | by Derek Jensen

Every two weeks or so, Tysto gets a request to use photos from this site for some project or other. It used to be a little more often, but has decreased since I put the permissions in the side bar on the Postcards main page. As it happens, no other Tysto contributor has done a Postcards article, so I hold the copyright on all of them. That allows me to quickly respond with permission. I always allow my photos to be used for any project at no cost.



Postcards from the sidelines

junior football

2006.10.29 — Culture | Postcards | Sports | by Derek Jensen

The 2006 Bremen junior football season ended today with a brilliant and heroic loss by Bremen to the visiting Rochester Zebras. The mighty prepubescent Lions came out with a roar, decisively winning the coin toss and cleverly electing to receive. The chastened Zebras fell back on desperate and dubiously-legal techniques such as "blocking" and "kicking" to scratch out a meager nine points—points that went coldly unanswered by the stoic Lions. The Lions' every-man-for-himself offense left the Zebras confused and dejected, but Rochester nevertheless took the win in the spirit of good sportsmanship.


Flash photography tips for amateurs

sleepy dog

2006.10.23 — Culture | Postcards | Technology | by Derek Jensen

Like most people, I've always been a bit frustrated by the built-in flash on my camera. It always seems to be to strong for close-up shots and too weak for long shots. It's best to avoid using a flash if you can, so you can capture the natural light of the scene, but there are a few techniques you can use to make the flash work more to your advantage.


Postcards from the country

2006.09.24 — Culture | Postcards | Travel | by Derek Jensen

country field

I like photographing buildings, and I generally think of the country as the empty space in between buildings, but I happen to live (and grew up) near the country. Not in the country; just near it. I have water and sewage provided by the town (actually, I provide the sewage; the town just provides a way of getting rid of the sewage), but I could walk to the country if I had to. The country is within walking distance. And being a near-country boy as I am and a near-photographer as I am, I occasionally take pictures in the country. If you've looked at some of my other photos, you might have seen it in the background sometimes, behind the buildings.

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